This Network started when Lauren moved back to Cambridge and realised there was a Shine-shaped hole in the area. Having been to Shine events in London, Lauren got in touch with Ceinwen and started to build up the group.

Like all Shine Networks, Shine Cambridge attracts lovely, friendly people for casual catch ups in cafes and pubs, typically on Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons. We’re a new and growing Network, so we tend to meet every month or two, and are open to hearing about what you’d like from Shine Cambridge.

Meet the volunteer network leaders!

Hi I’m Lauren. I started Shine Cambridge because I think it’s so helpful to meet other young people who can relate to some of your experiences.

Hi I'm Joyce. I jumped on the Shine train after I attended a few meetings and realised it would be helpful to have an extra person helping to spread the word about this new group. I am currently in treatment for metastatic breast cancer, and I find it helpful to talk (and laugh!) with other people going through similar experiences.     

Joyce and Lauren would love to hear from you! Get in touch via