Shine Hampshire started in 2014 when a young woman called Joh couldn’t find any local support specifically for young people with cancer so decided to set up her own group. She reached out to Shine and the Hampshire network began, arranging informal local catch ups. Over the years several other people kept the group going until Steph took over in 2017. Steph did such a good job in Southampton that we decided to expand to Portsmouth when Angela came onboard to help Steph in 2018. 

Shine Hampshire is a non traditional support group, with the main aim of offering peer support and bringing people together in fun, relaxed atmospheres. We arrange coffee mornings, evening drinks, members lunches, bowling, camping trips and other days out.

Steph and Angela now organise the dates and get togethers and are always open to suggestions for activities that help bring Hampshire people together. They can also arrange to meet with you before a get together if you are a bit nervous about coming along to your first meet up.

Meet the volunteer Network Leaders!

 Hi I’m Steph and I started as network leader in 2017 because I was surprised how isolated having cancer made me feel and I wanted to ensure that anyone else like me didn't feel the same. I love Shine Hampshire because it puts me in touch with other young people that I can completely relate to and absolutely 'get it'. At 32 in 2016 I was diagnosed with breast cancer which came as a complete shock; this was followed by surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. The cancer diagnosis and everything since has been easier to live with thanks to the guys in the Shine Hampshire group because we are a fantastic support to each other. 


Hi I’m Angela and I joined Steph as network leader in July 2018 because I wanted to help expand Shine Hampshire to the Portsmouth area. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 38 in June 2017, just three weeks before my wedding. We went ahead with the wedding, then (instead of the honeymoon) I had surgery followed by chemo and radiotherapy. When I was going through treatment, I really wanted to meet other younger people to share our experiences, but Southampton felt like a long way during chemo. When I finally made it to a Shine meet up, I found a lovely group of people with whom I could talk about anything and even laugh about our ‘new normal’. I love Shine Hampshire because everyone is so easy going and it’s not like anything I’d ever imagined previously about a support group - there is no pressure to talk about cancer (or indeed anything!) just come along and meet a lovely bunch of other young(ish) people. 


If you’d like to get in touch, drop them an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and say hi!