New Forest

Shine New Forest started as an off shoot from Shine Dorset as we realised there were quite a few of us over that side of Dorset and into Hampshire.  We are a small group but covering a Geographically large area so we try to carry the location of meet ups to span the forest area.  You'll often find us indulging in coffee and cake before or after a beach or forest walk, or meeting in the evening in one of the many fabulous pubs in the forest.
We are a friendly bunch, new faces are always welcome and we're always Keen to hear suggestions of activities or meet up locations.  As we sit between Dorset and Hampshire we buddie up with those groups for some joint events occasionally which is always fun.  
Meet the volunteer network leader!
Hi, I'm Jen and I help run the New Forest group.  My journey with Shine started during my own cancer diagnosis and treatment for Breast Cancer in 2014.  After attending some events with Shine Dorset and joining the Shine Facebook page I knew I had found something special, I made some great friends and suddenly didn't feel so much like the odd one out amongst the typical 'cancer patient's age bracket.  When I meet some other Shine members who lived close to me we decided it would be nice to have a more local group.  Shine New Forest was born!  I love running the group in the New Forest as there are so many lovely places to go for a walk, and yummy tea rooms and pubs to visit too!!

If you’d like to get in touch, drop them an email on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and say hi!