The Norwich network was started in 2014 and has been lead by Corinne since December 2017. Corinne decided to volunteer as a network leader after attending a few of Shine's national events and wanted to help keep the Norwich social meet ups going, finding it helpful to meet other young adults going through cancer in her local area. Chezy started helping out in January 2019 after meeting Corrine.

The Norwich network meet once a month for a variety of social activities like meals out, coffee afternoons, walks and bowling. The meets rotate days and times so everyone has the chance to come to an event whilst juggling treatment / work / family life. 
The focus is very much on having a relaxed and fun time and new faces are always welcome. If you are feeling a bit nervous about coming along, Corinne & Chezy are always more than happy to meet you beforehand and introduce you.
hey also have links with local services and can help with information if you have specific support needs.
Meet the volunteer network leaders!
Hi I'm Corinne, I was diagnosed and treated for cervical cancer at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital in 2016. My treatment consisted of surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy. 
My Oncology nurse recommended Shine to me as I was overwhelmed by how much younger I was than the other patients and felt really isolated. These days Shine has become my second family, the friendships, encouragement and support has helped so much and I love organising the Norwich meets. 
Corinne x



Hi, I’m Chezy. I was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma in 2017, and like Corinne treated with chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery.

On the day I was diagnosed my consultant (who specialises in young person’s cancers) gave me a list of support groups and resources, Shine being one of them.

It was a great comfort for me to know I wasn’t alone in my cancer experience at such a young age. Shine gave me a community I really needed. Through our support groups we help each other with advice and friendship, this continues at any stage of your experience.

We would love to welcome you at a Norwich meet up, so please do join us!