Rosie Hellawell

Rosie joined Shine in February 2019.

Rosie has extensive experience of working within the charity sector and has always been passionate about making a difference to the lives of vulnerable people through volunteering, fundraising and advocating. As a younger adult she received 3 accredited awards for completing over 300 hours of volunteering, these were primarily completed while supporting children and young people who have additional needs. In 2008 she started working for a small charity whose goal is to eradicate social exclusion and to develop the skills and confidence of young people. Rosie ran projects that challenged attitudes and perceptions of young people and worked to promote safer and more equal communities. She was also responsible for co-ordinating and celebrating the successes of individual young volunteers in their chosen community projects. Rosie became a member of the charity’s management committee and also worked for Buckinghamshire County Council as a Youth Support Worker at this time. She went on to become the Oxfordshire fundraising manager for a large charity and enjoyed the challenge of planning and executing large scale events as well as supporting the charity’s volunteers. In 2013 she returned to working with young people and became a Youth Support Worker for Dorset County Council as well as carrying out specialist SEN and EBD work within various schools, children’s homes, 1:1 and for an outdoor education company.

Rosie was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2016 and became aware of the fantastic work that Shine does within the YAWC community, she started volunteering to jointly run the local Dorset Network. She also volunteers and advocates for Wessex Cancer Trust, a charity that has cancer support centres across the local area. In 2018, Rosie spent 6 months on placement with Shine and completed a Certificate in Social Science from Bournemouth University. She is excited to help with the organising and delivery of Shine’s events and workshops and to work closely with the directors, staff and volunteers to help the charity to achieve it’s strategies, goals and targets.